Welcome to PMG Credit Card Processing

PMG provides credit card processing solutions for retail stores, online credit card processing and wireless terminals. Rather than teasing you with rates not relevant to your business model, we take the time to educate you and get the best rates for your business model. We have 24 hour customer support and we accept all major credit cards. Call us today at 512-740-1046!

Tax Planning & Preparation

United Bank Card

PMG Card Processing is an ISA of United Bank Card, therefore we would like to introduce what we consider the best card processing company in America. United Bank Card is one of the largest, most reputable and fastest growing credit card processors in the country..
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Los Angeles Bookkeeping

FREE Statement Review

Would you like to lower the rates and fees on your current account? UBC will perform a free cost comparison review with no obligation. We will present you with a detailed proposal on your guaranteed locked-in rates and your annual savings when you switch to United Bank Card..
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Quickbooks Services

Consultation Services

We evaluate your business and look at key areas where improvements can be made to increase your profits. We are not interested in just signing you up as a new account. We are interested in developing a long term business relationship with you that will work to help strengthen your business in many aspects..
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